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Mother's Finest Cookbook

Do you enjoy Mother's Finest's cooking?

Would you like to know the recipe to that great tasting dish?

Search no further - your answer has arrived!

Only $19.95 + tax & shipping

A collection of old Southern recipes handed down through many generations from family and friends. Whether you cook or just read to enjoy, this book is an absolute must.

PRICE : $19.95 + $1.20 tax (Georgia residents only) + $3.50 shipping (per book)

"Whenever Lillian and I entertain and want our guests to enjoy the best in Southern food, we always call on Mother's Finest. The service and quality are always excellent and we never fail to receive enthusiastic compliments about our choice. We are both native Georgians and know that Mother's Finest prepares and serves authentic Southern cuisine."
George (Buddy) Darden
Seventh District, Georgia
House of Representatives (1983- 1994)
Washington, D.C.

"Mother's Finest Catering is known for the exceptional Southern food it serves. It is recognized as being one of the best in metro Atlanta."
Spurgeon Richardson
Past President and CEO
Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau




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Mother's Finest Catering
1035 Old Bankhead Highway, SW
Mableton, GA 30126
(770) 944-9277